Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Application and Feature Licensing

Some IP Office applications and features require a license key. Each license key is derived from the feature

being enabled combined with the serial number of the Feature Key installed with the IP Office system.

IP500 and IP500 V2 systems use a mandatory Feature Key installed with every system.

Licenses are supplied in two forms; time limited trial licenses and indefinite licenses. Trial licenses allow

applications to run in fully functional form for 60 days (from the date of license generation), after which time

they cannot be used until upgraded at cost to the full license but can be ordered at any time during the product


For further details of the IP Office licenses including Trial Licenses refer to the Licenses section.



Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

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Issue 22.a.- (21 March 2011)

Chapter 2.

IP Office Essential Edition

PARTNER® Version

Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

© 2011 AVAYA All rights reserved. Page 26

Issue 22.a.- (21 March 2011)

2. IP Office Essential Edition PARTNER®


The IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER


Version (hereafter referred to as PARTNER Version) continues the

evolution of communications systems for small businesses.

PARTNER Version is designed to work directly out of the box without any programming or administration,

allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analog trunks.

PARTNER Version provides the end user a similar desktop experience as the PARTNER ACS: e.g. 2 dedicated

intercom buttons, key system functionality, Caller ID, etc. This helps minimize training requirements and

provides the end user with the same comfort level they have come to expect with the PARTNER ACS system.

PARTNER Version provides the bulk of the feature set that the PARTNER ACS R8 supported; plus integrates

enhanced features from the IP Office Essential Edition platform, such as Mobile Twinning, Visual Voice Mail,

64-party Conferencing, SIP Trunking, Full PRI/T1 and more.

PARTNER Version provides the same 2-digit extension numbering plan as PARTNER ACS (default), and now

supports a 3-digit flexible numbering plan (extensions 100 – 599).

PARTNER Version supports all current and “Euro” versions of PARTNER ACS telephones, the 1400 series digital

telephones, the current 3920 and 3910 wireless products, as well as most analog devices (fax, wireless

headsets, analog telephones). The original MLS series telephones and older wireless telephones are not


PARTNER Version also supports a new line of Avaya digital telephones – the 9500 series telephones, and

supports the Nortel T-series and M-series digital telephones.

PARTNER Version includes Embedded Voice Mail; providing a 2-port Automated Attendant (upgradeable to

6-ports) and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones. The Embedded Voicemail offers a variable

number of hours of storage:

· 2-ports = 15 hours of storage

· 4-ports = 20 hours of storage

· 6-ports = 25 hours of storage

System Capacities

PARTNER Version supports larger telephone and trunk capacity as follows (may not be attained


100 Telephones:

· Up to 100 digital telephones

(1400 series, 9500 series, Nortel T series


M series telephones)

· Up to 100 analog telephones

· Up to 18 PARTNER ETR telephones

(additional non ETR telephones can be

added total to reach system capacity)

64 Trunks:

· Up to 32 analog CO


· 1 PRI/T1 (24 lines)

· Up to 20 SIP lines

“Quick Mode / “Standard Mode”

IP Office Essential Edition µ-Law and a-Law SD cards include two new modes of operation – Quick Mode and

Standard Mode.

When the IP500 V2 is first started, it will boot-up in “Quick Mode”, which has the same look and feel as the

PARTNER Version, e.g.: out of the box operations, 2 intercom buttons, key system functionality, voice

mailboxes on all telephones, TUI programming support, etc. “Quick Mode” makes starting and using the system

quick and easy.

Using Manager, users who need full IP Office Essential Edition functionality can simply Change Mode from

“Quick Mode” to “Standard Mode”. Once the system reboots, it re-starts in “Standard Mode” which is the way

that IP Office Essential Edition work, looks and feels today.

System Programming

System programming is accomplished in 2 ways:

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