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Avaya IP Office 406 3.0 (Version 2)

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Avaya IP Office 406 3.0 (Version 2)

The IP406 Office release 3.0 can support up to six expansion modules and two T1/PRI interface cards, which is twice as much capacity as the IP403. It can be configured up to 180 digital or analog phone sets.

By using Avaya IP Office to connect your remote sites you can benefit from a high level of feature transparency between locations and even share a centralized voice-processing platform. The 403 and 406 are different only in their expansion capabilities and processing power.

The IP406 Office Base Unit supports two T1/PRI. It has two relay ports for door entry systems, an audio port for external music on hold source, DTE Port - 25 way D-type used for connection to a PC or point of sale terminal, Eight 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing LAN Hub ports used for PC and server connectivity, WAN Interface, On board voice mail and flexible call routing.

Manufacturer: Avaya IP Office

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