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Avaya IP Office 412

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Avaya IP Office 412

The IP412 Office release 3.0 base unit supports up to 60 Trunks and 180 extensions and 12 expansion modules.

The IP412 Office has a powerful call processing brain and greater internal transfer capabiliity. It is more suitable whether the user wants to support a contact center or CRM application. The IP412 can have up to four PRI Interfaces providing 120 trunk lines and can support up to 12 expansion modules.

By using Avaya IP Office to connect your remote sites you can benefit from a high level of feature transparency between locations and even share a centralized voice-processing platform.

  • Up to 4 x PRI and 4 x BRI. Max 120 trunks 
  • 2 x port 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch with Firewall separation 
  • 60 data channels 
  • Single 2.048 Mbps WAN 
  • VoIP all cabinets require optional 1 or 2 x Voice Compression Module ( 5, 10, 20 or 30 channels) and Data Switch for IP412 eg Cajun family 
  • External relay driver output 
  • Internal / External Music-On-Hold 
  • Hardware based data compression 
  • Router/ Internet Access/ Firewall/ DHCP server 
  • Remote Access Server with Optional Modem 2 module (<56Kbps) 
  • Conference calls (Up to 63) 
  • Up to 180 analogue and/or digital extensions (12 expansion modules ( 6+6)) 
  • Supports 12 Expansion Modules providing a combination of up to 360 analogue and digital extensions, with capacity for 8 analogue trunks or 4 digital trunks (96 T1 channels or 120 E1 channels). Additional analogue trunks can be provisioned using the IP400 Analogue trunk 16 module. Features include 60 optional voice compression channels, 2 independently Switched LAN ports, and 100 data channels. Data channels are used for Routing, RAS and Voicemail applications.
Manufacturer: Avaya IP Office

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