Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Answering Your Call: How to buy a phone system for your business

Digitcom's Book: Answering your call. How to buy a phone system for your business. So you want to buy a new phone system for your office, but now that you have started doing some research you have come to the disheartening realization that all the options you've seen, the conflicting information you've been told, and complex technical language you've read have left you more confused than before you started. Is there anyone that can help?

With his book Answering Your Call, author and phone system insider Jeff Weiner simplifies the entire process, providing you with a easy to understand step-by-step guide to finding the phone system that is sure to meet your ever changing business needs.

He begins his book by explaining the core concepts behind phone systems. Voice over IP, Circuit switching etc… If there's a confusing term that you've come across in your search for the perfect phone system, Jeff explains it here.

Next, he explores the inner workings of any properly designed Voice of IP (VoIP) network: cabling, switches, and even debunks some of the commonly held misconceptions surrounding VoIP and circuit-switched phone systems.

Finally, Jeff takes a look at the popular features available, providing you the inside scoop on what features you'll want to incorporate into your new phone system. Features like: Call Center queues (some people call them hunt groups or ACDs), Unified Messaging, silent call recording, conference bridges, interactive voice response, wireless handsets, and integration with tools like Outlook and other CRM packages.

This book will be available commercially on in August 2010. The normal retail price is $15.95 in Canada, or $13.95 in the US. If you purchase the book through this web site, send an email to (mention this site), and we'll send you a copy for $6 PLUS shipping.

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