Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Essential Edition Voicemail Enhancements

Essential Edition Embedded Voicemail comes with 2 ports and 15 hours as standard.

Additional ports can be added simultaneously increasing storage capacity

· 2 additional ports = 4 ports in total = 20 hours of storage

· 4 additional ports = 6 ports in total = 25 hours of storage

Further enhancements to Embedded Voicemail:

· Embedded Voicemail is providing an Automated Attendant and voice mail coverage activated for all

telephones on Essential Edition.

· Embedded Voicemail Outcalling Notification – 1 number / 3 attempts

· Embedded Voicemail Message Alert Notification – displays which mailboxes (including Phantom

Mailboxes) have new messages waiting for them

Preferred Edition Voicemail Enhancements

VoiceMail Pro Verified Recordings - VoiceMail Pro now has the option to deliver encoded recordings, that

when presented back are verified if they have been unmodified.

one-X Portal Enhancements

A new, modern, clean look and feel for the Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office web-client is introduced. The

gadgets are now displayed in the Web browser with a 60/40 ratio, and can be resized, moved, minimized, and


Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

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