Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Management Tools

Avaya IP Office is easily managed with IP Office Manager; a Windows based PC software application. It can be

used from the LAN, remote on the WAN, or connected via the built-in RAS using a TA or a modem.

The System Status application is a useful diagnostic tool that provides enhanced details about equipment and

resources in the IP Office system. This includes indication of alarms and details of current calls in progress for

local or remote diagnostics.

Scalable Platform

The IP Office 500 V2 offers a modular, flexible chassis which with capacity for up to 16 analog trunks or 16

ISDN BRI trunks (32 channels) or 8 digital PRI trunks (up to 192 T1 channels or 240 E1 channels) using

internal daughter cards. Up to 12 Expansion Modules may be added to provide a combination of up to 384

analog, digital or IP extensions, with additional analog trunks through external Analog 16 modules. Features

include up to 148 optional voice compression channels, 2 independently switched LAN ports and built-in

Embedded Voicemail.

Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

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Issue 22.a.- (21 March 2011)

Telephone Options

IP Office supports multiple telephone solutions, giving the small and mid-size business maximum flexibility to

choose according to their current and future needs.

· IP Telephones

IP Office's integral H.323 server supports Avaya 1600 and 5600 series IP telephones, selected Avaya

9600 series IP telephones, Avaya T3 series IP telephones, Avaya 3600 series wireless VoIP telephones

and IP Office Video Softphone.

· Digital Telephones

IP500 digital station 8 cards and Combination Cards plus IP Office digital station 16 or 30 Expansion

Modules support the Avaya 9500, 1400 and 5400 Series of digital telephones and Avaya T3 Series

telephones, plus selected 2400 and 4400 Series telephones.

The new TCM8 digital extension card as well as the DS16A and DS30A digital expansion module support

Nortel T7000 series telephones and other telephones and button modules.

· ETR Telephones

IP500 V2 ETR 6 cards support the Avaya ETR telephones as used on PARTNER ACS systems (Essential

Edition – PARTNER Version only).

· Analog Telephones

IP500 Phone 2, Phone 8 and Combination Cards plus IP Office Phone 16 or 30 Expansion Modules

support standard analog telephones, faxes and modems, with support for calling line identification and

message waiting indication where these services are provided.

· Wireless Telephones

Avaya DECT R4 base stations can be added to support the Avaya DECT R4 3720 and 3725 telephones.

The IP Office digital station interfaces support the Avaya 3810 telephone. The Avaya 3600 Series wireless

VoIP telephones are also supported.

With the new hardware modules TCM8, DS16A, and DS30A Nortel digital Mobility solutions are also


· Third Party SIP Endpoints

IP Office's integrated SIP Server supports third-party SIP endpoints such as, desktop telephones,

softphones and conferencing speakerphones.

For a complete overview over supported telephones please refer to the Telephones section of this Product


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