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Nortel - 4 Line Analog Trunk Module

Nortel - 4 Line Analog Trunk Module
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Nortel Norstar

Nortel BCM - 4 Line Analog Trunk Module

VoIP Business Phone System

GATM4 Nortel Global 4-Port w/ CLID Trunk Media Bay Module


TThe BCM GATM4 Global 4 Port w/ CLID Trunk Media Bay Module (NT5B44BAAA) provides 4 additional lines with Caller ID.

TThe global analog trunk media bay module (GATM4) provides an interface for four aAnalog public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines

SSupports both pulse and tone dialing, as well as caller ID and disconnect supervision in sSelected markets throughout the world

TThe Nortel BCM GATM4 is compatible with the BCM 200/400 Main Unit, BCM 400 EExpansion Unit, and BCM 50 Expansion Unit


Manufacturer: Nortel BCM 200/400

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