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Avaya IP Phone 2007

Nortel Networks IP Phone 2007
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Avaya IP Phone 2007

The Nortel Networks( Avaya)  IP Phone 2007 incorporates a 5x7 color touch screen, allowing multimedia presentation support and delivery of converged applications (voice, framed video and data such as customized web content) along with future SIP support via firmware download to the user desktop. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format. A USB port supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple po

Features & Benefits 

  • Up to twelve programmable line/feature keys (Nortel Communication Server dependent) and four dynamic state sensitive soft function keys 
  • Supports both pre packaged and customized multimedia content from external application gateways 
  • Softkey access to administration tools including initial configuration, network and local diagnostic and user preference menus 
  • Configurable backlight timer with 5, 10, 15, 20 minute, 1 and 2 hour settings 
  • A sleep never setting supports 24 x 7 always on customer environments 
  • Provides for power options with compliance to the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard and local AC power via a universal power adapter 
  • Built in amplifier supports amplified and un-amplified headsets 
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T switch supports collocation of a PC 
  • Manual setting of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps connections supported for legacy switching equipment that does not perform auto sensing 
  • Up to 650 telephony features as delivered from Nortel Communication Servers (actual number server dependent) 
  • Desktop or Wall Mountable 
  • Silver metallic bezel 
  • Enables realtime multimedia presentation from external application servers through support of Virtual Network Computing, transforming this phone into a true Information Appliance 
  • Application and Primary Application soft keys deliver quick access via the phones display to registered applications from external application servers 
  • An integrated touch-screen, an on screen popup keyboard and a USB port for standard USB mouse and keyboard support offers flexible navigation of menus and increased personal productivity in data entry 
  • The Tools softkey delivers single click access to administrative tools including configuration, diagnostic and user preference menus 
  • Integrated Stylus Valet for convenient access and storage of IP Phone 2007 styli (stylus comes standard with the phone) 
  • Backlit LCD with local contrast and brightness settings offers enhanced viewing angles 
  • Configurable backlight timer extends IP Phone 2007 display life 
  • Customer choice in power with support of the IEEE 802.3af power standard and local AC power via a universal power adapter 
  • Direct and efficient connection of amplified and un-amplified headsets with built in amplifier 
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T switch supporting phone and PC using a single LAN connection from the patch panel to the desktop 
Manufacturer: Nortel BCM 200/400

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