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Norstar/BCM T7316E

Nortel Norstar / BCM T7316, T7316e Telephone Set
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Nortel Norstar / BCM T7316e Telephone Set

BCM Phone / Voice Over IP

The Nortel Norstar / BCM T7316e and T7316 Business Telephone listed on this page works with all Norstar telephone systems from the Nortel CICS, & MICS to the BCM.  The T7316 phones are designed with you in mind. Nortel telephones make for easy navigation of all Nortel telephone systems. If you have any questions please call us and let us help you with any questions you might have about the Nortel Norstar / BCM T7316 / T7316e telephones or any Norstar telephones.

The T7316E / T7316 is a full-featured, multi line, expandable business telephone. It has:

  • Two-line (2 Line x 16 Character LCD display)
  • Multi-line with multi-segment call appearance icons
  • Tilt display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator (on all T7316e sets)
  • 16 programmable buttons for lines/features/autodials (on all T7316e sets)
  • 3 Soft Keys with the LCD (on all T7316e sets)
  • Compatible with the BCM or Norstar Products
  • Speaker-Phone (not full duplex on any T7316e or T7316 set)
  • Dedicated Headset Jacks (on all T7316e sets)
  • 24 Memory Buttons (on all T7316e sets)
  • Expandable

The Nortel Norstar / BCM T7316 or T7316e set is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. The T7316e telephone is suitable for such users as executives, supervisors, managers, and other business professionals.

Contact us today and let our professionals help you with your Nortel T7316 - T7316e phones.

Please note that the T7316 was the first set introduced in 2001 and was replaced by the T7316e set. The T7316e sets has an extra handsfree button built into the set.  Unless refurbished, only sells the T7316e set.

Manufacturer: Nortel Norstar

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