Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Additional telephones supported on CCR statistics

· IP Office SIP Video Softphone

· Norstar™ digital telephones

· 1100 and 1200 SIP telephones

Monitor Statistics:

· All time statistics will be displayed in the HH:MM:SS format (following localization rules). This will allow

the user to not have to figure out how many minutes and hours a statistic reported in seconds only in

the past.

· Most averages and floating point statistics will be rounded to the nearest integer or the nearest 1

decimal point to increase clarity. This will apply to real time (Views, Dashboard and Wallboard) and

historical statistics (reports). Keeping a decimal point for some statistics is required when it can affect

competitiveness between agents or groups, hence affecting productivity.

Administration Enhancements

The IP Office Manager supports IP Office Essential Edition Norstar Version and IP Office Essential Edition

PARTNER Version. In these versions, administrator can migrate from 2-digit dial plan to a 3-digit dial plan and

vice-versa. The number of users and trunks is also increased from 48 to 100 users and up to 68 Trunks. The IP

Office manager has been extended to support TCM8 card, DS30A/DS16A Expansion Modules and BCM / Norstar

M-series and T-series telephones.

A flavor of IP Office Manager called the IP Office Simplified Manager now enables easy configuration of IP

Office in IP Office Essential Edition Quick Mode. Quick Mode is managed by the Simplified Manager, a manager

designed to reduce the installation times, specifically for Sub-20 type deployments. This is achieved by enabling

configuration of features important for this market segment. The Quick Mode of operation further supports two

sub-modes, namely KTS Quick Mode and PBX Quick Mode. Based on the type of SD card that is installed in the

system, IP Office will boot up in one of the two Sub-Modes. IP Office always boots up in Quick Mode by default.

An option to migrate/restart manager in IP Office Standard Mode is also provided. IP Office Manager Essential

Edition Quick Mode offers task based configuration to speed up the installation process by providing easy and

intuitive management.

The Data Migration Manager (DMM) is a migration tool designed to facilitate quick and easy migration from

other products like BCM and Norstar to IP Office. The DMM tool is launched independently of the source and

target applications. DMM will eliminate the need to re-record announcements and greetings when transitioning

from BCM or Norstar to IP Office.

New Wall Mount

A new wall mount now offers enhanced cable management. Suitable for all IP Office control units and expansion

modules all cables can be hidden under an attractively designed cover with cable management.

For customers who just need to wall mount the IP Office control unit the existing wall mount will remain in the

IP Office portfolio.

Release License / Upgrade License

When upgrading to Release 7.0 from a previous release the IP Office 7.0 Release License must be present.

It comes in two flavors:

· Upgrade to Release 7.0 for systems with 32 extensions or less

· Upgrade to Release 7.0 for all systems with more than 32 extensions

For new installations it is not required to purchase one of these licenses.

90-Day Entitlement Period

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