Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Personal Line Termination

Allows you to assign a line / lines to specific extension / extensions.

Personalized Station Ringing (#323)

Allows you to assign a personalized ring pattern to an extension

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Set) Support

POTS (single line analog telephones) are supported on the system. They are connected to an analog station

port on the Combo module; a port on the Phone-2, Phone-8 or Phone-16 module, or to an ETR port.

Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

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Issue 22.a.- (21 March 2011)

Privacy (FEATURE 07)

Privacy prevents other users from joining on your call.

Recall (FEATURE 03)

Use this feature to send a timed switch hook flash over the telephone line to “recall” a new dial tone or to

access certain central office features, such as Call Waiting or 3-way calling.

Redialing Features

There are 2 features which offer redial functionality:

There are 2 features which offer redial functionality:

· Last Number Redial (FEATURE 05): Last Number Redial redials all digits dialed on the last outside call

except account codes.

· On 1400 series telephones, there is a fixed Redial button, which allows you to scroll through and

redial the last 20 number called from that telephone set..

· Save Number Redial (FEATURE 04): Saves into temporary memory the last outside number (up to 28

digits) dialed from a system telephone. Use this feature to save a number before you hang up on a busy

or unanswered call. Once saved, the number can be redialed at any time. The number stays in memory

until a different one is saved.

Remote Call Forwarding / Mobile Twinninng

There are two types of Remote Call Forwarding supported on PARTNER Version:

1. Remote Call Forwarding (FEATURE 11) allows a user to send internal and external calls destined

for a particular extension to an external phone number (off the system) over an analog trunk. Remote

Call Forwarding will not alert the internal extension, but immediately sends the call out to the

predefined number.

2. Mobile Twinning allows a user to send internal and external calls destined for a particular extension

to an external phone. The call simultaneously rings at the internal extension and receives the

extension’s coverage (including Voicemail) treatment if the call has not been answered. This feature is

only available on systems that have digital trunks (SIP, PRI/T1).

Remote Access to the Built-in Modem

This feature allows for unattended access to the built-in modem (x76) by calling into the system:

– By a DID number, or

– By transferring to the modem via the Automated Attendant.

When an Automated Attendant Selector code with the "Transfer To Number" action has the modem as its

destination, the system will transfer the call to the built-in modem.

Ring on Transfer (#119)

This is used to specify what the caller hears while they are being transferred. If Ring on Transfer is set to

Active, callers hear ringing while they are being transferred; if it is set to Not Active callers hear beeps or Music

on Hold if this is activated and a music source is connected to the system.

Ringing Line Preference

When an extension is on-hook and the extension is ringing, the user simply goes off-hook to answer the call

and is automatically connected to the ringing call. If more than one call is alerting, the system automatically

connects the user to the longest ringing call.

SD Card Start-up / Shut Down via TUI (#733)

A new TUI command is provided to shut down and restart the system SD card slot and the optional SD card

slot, without shutting down the entire system. This allows for removal and reinstallation of the system SD and

optional SD cards.

Product Description

IP Office Release 7.0

© 2011 AVAYA All rights reserved. Page 49

Issue 22.a.- (21 March 2011)

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