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Plantronics CS-10 Wireless Headset

Plantronics CS-10
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Plantronic Headset

Wireless Headset
Plantronics CS-10


Plantronics CS10 cordless system comes complete with convertible noise-canceling headset and cordless base/remote. The 900 MHz CS10 connects to most single- and multi-line corded telephones. Remote control with belt clip (about the size of a pager) delivers range up to 150 ft. from base unit and 6-hours continuous talk time on rechargable battery; adjustable tone, transmit/receive volume controls; 1-year warranty. 
  These functions cannot be performed remotely:

  • transfer calls,
  • switch lines,
  • dial out (no dial pad),
  • put call on hold.
You can perform all of these functions while using the CS10 but you must do so by pressing the appropriate buttons on your telephone. If you are frequently away from your desk and want the ability to answer incoming calls remotely, you'll need theHL10 automatic handset lifter accessory 

Manufacturer: Plantronics

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