Help! You want to buy a new phone system for your office. Now you have started doing some research only to realize that all of the options and conflicting information you have received has you more confused than before you started. Now where do you turn?

Telephones Depot Seminars on Avaya IP Office,

 Cisco, and Nortel Norstar

TelephonesDepot  hosts technical and sales seminars on a frequent basis at our offices at 250 Rimrock Rd., Toronto.The sales seminars provide information on Voice over IP, and provide a hands on demonstration of the Avaya IP Office, Cisco switches and the Nortel Norstar phone systems.

The technical seminars cover one of a few topics, including:


Costs for the technical seminars are as follows:

  • No Charge - Digitcom and TelephonesDepot customer covered by a warranty or maintenance agreement
  •  $100 -Digit-com customer not covered by a warranty or maintenance agreement
  •  $150 - Non Digit-com customers




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