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What's new in IP Office Release 7.0?

Platform and Hardware Support

IP Office Control Unit Support

IP Office Release 7.0 is supported on the IP500 and IP500 V2 control units only.

Migration Opportunity for BCM and Norstar Customers / Users

For customers with a Nortel BCM or Norstar system Avaya IP Office now offers the possibility to upgrade the

system to IP Office while keeping the existing Nortel telephones. IP Office Release 7.0 has been enabled to

support these telephones and most of their features. Many features are the same as with BCM / Norstar and

most of the rest are supported on IP Office but may have a slightly different look and feel.

This gives our BCM / Norstar customers the opportunity to have a smooth migration, as well as saving money,

since the existing Nortel telephones can be mixed with Avaya IP Office telephones. Your investment is


The following new hardware components of an IP Office system have been developed to support the Nortel

telephones on IP Office.

TCM-8 Extension Card

Up to eight Nortel digital telephones can be connected to this 8-port extension card for IP500 and IP500 V2

control units. Up to four TCM8 cards can be plugged into an IP500 V2 control unit to support up to 32 digital


DS30A / DS16A Expansion Modules

For larger migrations from BCM or Norstar to IP Office two new IP Office Expansion Modules are available.

The DS16A supports up to 16 digital Nortel telephones and the DS30A up to 30. The DS16A is eqipped with one

RJ21 connector, the DS30A with two of them.

IP Office Essential Edition - “Quick Mode” and “Standard Mode” Introduction

IP Office Essential Edition µ-Law and a-Law SD cards enable two new modes of operation – Quick Mode and

Standard Mode.

When the IP500 V2 is first started, it boots-up in “Quick Mode”, which offers a simplified management and e.g.:

out of the box operations, two intercom buttons, basic system functionality, voice mailboxes on all telephones,

sytem programming support using the Telephone User Interface (TUI), etc.

“Quick Mode” makes starting and using the system quick and easy.

Using Manager, users who need full IP Office Essential Edition functionality can simply change mode from

“Quick Mode” to “Standard Mode”. Once the system reboots, it re-starts in “Standard Mode” which is the way

that IP Office Essential Edition work, looks and feels today.

Enhanced Offer for Small Systems with 20 Users or Less

The PARTNER Version, Norstar Version, and Essential Edition Quick Mode are specifically designed to address

the “Sub-20” user market:

· Server-free operations – voice mail embedded in unit, eliminating the need for external servers.

· “Set it and Forget it” –system requires virtually no ‘hands-on’ support.

· Out of the box operations – automatically starts up in a basic telephone system mode. No

programming required.

· Easy system management – system can be programmed using Telephone User Interface (TUI)

commands or the Simplified Manager GUI software for more detailed administration.

Investment protection – users can start with the Quick Mode of operation, and switch to Essential Edition

Standard Mode later without replacing hardware or licenses (excluding PARTNER ETR modules / ETR


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IP Office Release 7.0

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